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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Find a Local Chiropractor to help Tendonitis

Find a Local Chiropractor for Tendonitis

Chiropractic care is an effective method of treating tendonitis. Find a local chiropractor in Blue Bell PA that treats tendonitis, and help avoid future problems. Tendonitis can be a very painful condition, which can affect your elbow, shoulder, knee, wrist or ankle most commonly. It can occur at any part of the body where a tendon attaches to a bone, but those are the most common locations. The pain is most commonly associated with overuse or a repetitive action of the associated tendon, but it can also be from a fall or an injury.

As with any injury, early detection of the condition will allow the fastest results, and this is the same for muscle and tendon injuries. When a muscle or tendon is irritated, the region may become sore, tender, inflamed, bruised and painful to touch. Commonly the area has a loss of range of motion, and possibly a loss of strength as well. Going to the doctor to treat tendonitis is very important because it is not usually an injury that resolves itself. The pain may go away while you stop performing that specific motion that makes it painful and sore, but as soon as you start doing that motion again, the tendon will begin to have the same symptoms again because it has not correctly healed. This is with various types of job descriptions, including carpenters, machinery workers, assembly line type jobs, and also sports related activities.

Treatment for tenonitis may include chiropractic adjustments to ensure that the associated region attached to the tendon is moving correctly, as well as various physical modalities that can help improve the healing rate of the injury. Some modalities that are effective for this type of injury include ultrasound.

Therapeutic ultrasound is a machine that is applied to the region with ultrasound gel, and moved around the area in little circles. The ultrasound wave transmits pulses into the region, helping break up swelling and spasm around the tendon.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or "muscle stim" is another method of treatment for tendonitis. Muscle stim is applied to the region with two pads that stick to the skin, and the muscle and tendon will contract very slightly to help the area relieve pain and spasm. This modality is usually performed while the patient relaxes, and is very effective for pain relief.

Therapeutic exercise is another modality used be the Doctor of Chiropractic for tendon and muscle injuries. Your doctor will put you on a program of stretching and exercise once they believe the tendon is ready, and help you build flexibility and strength on a progressive basis.

If you suffer from tendonitis, find a local chiropractor today and get an examination today.