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Monday, April 21, 2014

Why Does My Back Hurt?

Do you suffer from back pain? Why does it hurt? We hear this question every day, and our office is here to help. Whether its from a new injury, or years of wear and tear on the back, chiropractic care is an effective type of alternative medicine which can not only help relieve back pain, but also help prevent future episodes. Our chiropractors will help you feel better, and also give you preventative stretches and exercises to strengthen the back, reducing future flare ups. Our office is located at 1354 Welsh Road, North Wales, PA 19454. Call today at 215 628-2529

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why is Massage Therapy Helpful?

From accidents, to general aches and pains, massage therapy can be very helpful in reducing pain relief. Massage therapy works well with a chiropractic care plan, and our office utilizes this combination to our patients as part of a wellness approach to healthcare. Schedule an appointment for a chiropractic visit and massage today.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why Go to a Chiropractor?

Why go to a chiropractor? Its a question you may be wondering, and its important to learn what a chiropractor does, so you can understand how chiropractic can help you. A chiropractor is a specialist in dealing with the muscles, nerves, joints and their involvement with the spinal cord. When a part of the body is injured, it can affect the other parts as well. What a chiropractor does is identify what the cause of the problem may be, as well as come up with drug free solutions to help your body get back to its normal status. Chiropractic can help with posture, flexibility, exercise training, nutrition, and many other alternative health aspects of your life. So, the question shouldn't be why go to a chiropractor, the question should be...why not?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Worker's Compensation Chiropractor in Lansdale PA 19446

Have you been hurt at work? If you have a work injury, you need to find a medical professional with years of experience in dealing with Worker's Compensation injuries, and Montgomery County Chiropractic Center is just the place. Our chiropractors have experience in identifying and treating your work injury, and will do their best to help you get better faster. If you have been hurt at work, or have any questions about a Worker's Compensation injury, give our office a call at 215 628-2529.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Back Pain Relief with North Wales Chiropractors

Back pain can be very painful, and will continue to get worse if untreated. Our chiropractors in North Wales Pa are trained in finding out what the cause of your back pain is, the way to help it, and also ways to help prevent it from happening again. Through chiropractic care, stretching programs, massage therapy and therapeutic exercise, we can put you on a care plan to improve your back pain, as well as try to help prevent it from flaring up again. Sound good? Give us a call for a chiropractic consult today at 215 628-2529.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lansdale Chiropractor Helps Knee Injuries

If you have ever suffered a knee injury, you know how painful and debilitating it can be. You have trouble doing almost everything, and it can affect your daily life. Our chiropractors at Montgomery County Chiropractic Center are trained in the rehabilitation of knee injuries, and can help identify what the problem causing your pain is. Once the chiropractor diagnoses your condition, he will put you on a rehabilitation plan specific for your injury, and include stretching programs and therapeutic exercises to help strengthen the associated regions. If you have knee pain, give our Lansdale Pa Area chiropractors a call today at 215 628-2529.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Herniated Disc Chiropractor in North Wales PA

Herniated discs can be very painful, as the low back can spasm and cause you alot of pain. Our chiropractors at Montgomery County Chiropractic Center are specially trained in treating herniated and bulging discs, and they can put you on a rehabilitation plan which will help you get back towards a healthy lifestyle. If you suffer from back pain, stenosis, herniated or bulging discs, give our office a call so we can help you get rid of the pain.