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Friday, April 9, 2010

Chiropractic and Headache/Migraine Relief

Chiropractic and Headache/Migraine Relief

Most patients that suffer from headaches or migraines had some sort of traumatic experience in their past, and the musculature of the head, neck and jaw never fully recoved. When these areas become irritated, they send a signal to the brain that there is a problem, which most people refer to as a headache. Whether it was from a motor vehicle accident, a sports injury, a fall at work, or simply a repetutive use activity, headaches can be quite debilitating. Here are some examples of how Chiropractic and Chiropractors can help with headache relief. It is very common for someone who was in an car accident to not see signs and symptoms of headaches until months after the crash, and getting a Chiropractic evaluation as soon as possible can help prevent any long term accident related headaches.

Headaches can originate from chemical such as nicotine, alcohol or allergic reactions, as well as other organic or cardiovascular sources. Once these types have been ruled out, the majority of headache suffers are usually originating from some sort of musculoskeletal condition which never fully healed. Whether its from a car accident, or from countless hours sitting in front of the computer, its important to have the condition evaluated as soon as possible by a Chiropractor.

Dr. Conrad is a licensed Chiropractor in the North Wales / Lansdale PA area who has been trained in Cranial Sacral and Trigger Point Therapy by some of the top Doctors in the country.His patients have seen great success in the relief of headaches, migraines and TMJ problems from musculoskeletal injuries. During the initial consult, your Chiropractor will perform a detailed examination including evaluating the patients' Range of Motion, Deep Tendon Reflexes, as well as an Orthopaedic Examination, a Neurological Examination, a Cardiovascular Examination, and a Musculoskeletal Examination of the neck, shoulders and TMJ region.

Your Chiropractor will then incorporate your health history with any diagnostic testing you had done to determine if you are a candidate for Cranial Sacral Trigger Point Therapy, and which Chiropractic protocol is best suited for you.